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Scandi Bulk quality

Scandi Bulk are ISO 9001 / 14001 certified and SQAS Assessed.


Driver Manual 2024

Swedish version          English version

Policies - Swedish versions



Uppförandekod -
Code of Conduct




Use below form if you notice any serious irregularities or misconduct within Scandi Bulk operations that concern serious breaches of the Code of Conduct. Document: Swedish | English 
Everyone can report, you can be an employee, supplier, customer or third part.

The recipients of the report are always the CEO, HR manager and the company's safety representative. Thus, there are always three people who handle your registration.

Leave a report here

Answer as many questions as possible and with detailed information. Sensitive information about a person should not be mentiond. Such as political or religious affiliation, sexual orientation or health.

You can choose to send the report anonymously or leave your contact details for follow up.

Marked fields with asterisk (*) are required.

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