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Scandi Bulk 30ft ADR powder

We offer system for storage, handling and converting of dry bulk and liquid chemicals.

We operates approx. 250 own dry bulk containers, 20’ / 30’ / 40’ in

range from 32 to 61 cbm.

Our main business are:

• Liquid chemicals worldwide

• Bulk powders and granules within Europe

• Food stuff in bulk within Europe

• Packed cargo, mainly Continental Europe to Scandinavia metal industry

Bulk Container

We use containers of different specifications in intermodal traffic.


The containers we use are suitable for the transport of granules, powder, dry food and is available in various designs.

- 20' & 30' bulk container

- 30' aluminium bulk container

- 30' & 40' pressurised container

Many of the units are mounted with
GPS transmitters.

Scandi Bulk 30ft

Tank Container

We use 20 'tank container for transportation of liquid chemicals to the chemical industry.

20' ISO

20' swap
20' twin pot

Capacity from 13000 to 35000 litres

ADR UN T4 - T50


Options of electrical and glycol heating, baffles,

super isolated high heat and more.



We offers equipment for loading/ and unloading of bulk and liquid products.

We have all the needed equipment to meet your demands. If special equipment is required, we will find the solution.

Scandi Bulk ADR silo tank


Scandi Bulk owns three dump trailers that are used in European traffic.

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